Rewriting client comms for a health tech company

Reducing user frustration, staff overwhelm and operational costs

screen capture of the Healios homepage

The Healios homepage

Who is Healios?

Healios is an online mental health, autism and ADHD service provider for young people and families.

I was the sole UX writer at Healios from July 2022 to August 2023.

Project overview

The problem

An internal report found that our clients cancelling or not attending their sessions was having a large negative impact on Healios operations.

The report highlighted the quality of Healios communications as a likely cause of clients' lack of engagement.

I led the project to rework our client communications and collaborated with stakeholders across the business.

Our goal

The goal of this project was to improve the emails and SMS sent to our clients.

Specifically we wanted to...

  • Reduce the volume of calls and emails to the client support team

  • Reduce the number of sessions where the client cancelled or didn't attend

  • Increase clients' satisfaction

Project details

The process

Several steps were necessary to successfully complete the project:

  1. Discovery - Understanding client journeys and the comms they receive

  2. Ideation - Collaborating with stakeholders on changes to be made

  3. Writing - Writing and rewriting based on stakeholder feedback

  4. Testing - Gathering user feedback and testing for errors before going live

illustrative image of the four steps, discovery, ideation, writing and testing
Screen capture of a spreadsheet with details of changes made to emails

My documentation included tracking each change made and why

Changes made to client communications

The changes I made can be broken into five categories:

  1. Implementing progressive disclosure

  2. Improving readability

  3. Fixing errors

  4. Preventing user error

  5. Improving operations

More specifically, the changes I made included...

  • Fixing spelling, grammar and punctuation errors

  • Improving visual hierarchy

  • Paying attention to tone of voice

  • Using clear language to reducing ambiguity*

  • Giving each email one purpose to focus on

  • Moving supplementary information to landing pages

  • Surfacing relevant information at the right time — not too early, not too late

*This item was especially important considering the main audience is autistic individuals (and their families) who do best with clarity and certainty.

These changes were also made to SMS

Most automated emails also had a corresponding SMS that was sent to the client at the same time.

Rewriting the SMS had an additional challenge as I was tasked with reducing the length of each SMS. This is because, when sent, each SMS is broken down into sections, and Healios is charged by the number of sections sent.

The changes to SMS length alone was estimated to save £600/mo in operational costs.

Screen capture of a large and chaotic journey map

The client journey was complicated with many different pain points

Example of a rewritten email
A copy of the Healios welcome email that clients received

The welcome email before changes were made

The welcome email was originally a whopping 600+ words

Too much information was packed into the email, especially for the first piece of correspondence clients received from us.

Clients were consistently confused, overwhelmed and frustrated by this email in particular.

screen capture of the rewritten welcome email

The rewritten welcome email focused on the most important details, reducing it to 111 words

Project outcomes

I'm pleased to share that we had a great outcome from updating the client communications.

We had...

  • fewer clients cancelling or not attending sessions

  • a reduction in clients calling or emailing the support team

  • positive feedback from the client support team and stakeholders

  • minimum £600/mo reduction in operation costs

Thank you for reading!

To hear more about the project and the thinking behind my work, feel free to reach me at jsavage.ux[at]